Never apply science to sci-fi.

Well hello there, how are you today? Anyway, I'll tell you a little about me. I'm Josie, I'm 18 and I'm English. I belong to many fandoms but the biggest at the minute are Supernatural, Sherlock, Avengers, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Welcome to Night Vale. I also love loads of smaller things and different book series, ask about something if you want to know! I role-play a lot, mostly Sherlock and Avengers, and I don't have a specific muse, so if you want to start up an rp then drop me a line. I track both physics-and-fiction and physicsandfiction (problems sometimes happen with the dashed tag so I'd say use the one without). I also have a side blog which is a bit of a personal project which you can find at or just search for "I Wish I'd Said It Then".








Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


this man has gone too far


Where does Marvel FIND these people?

Imagine - Chris Pratt and Jeremy Renner show up to your door the night of prom and your parents are like WHY DO YOU HAVE TWO DATES AND WHY ARE THEY SO BIG AND BEEFY AND INTIMIDATING but Chris is just like “Nah I’m hair” and Jeremy raises his hand and says “And I’m makeup”

surprisingly well done

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3 lines to break a marvel fan in split second


  • I have to protect the one thing that I can't live without, that’s you.
  • I didn’t do it for him.
  • I’m with you til the end of the line.

Today is a shit day

I’m going to make a cookie in a cup


Jumanji taught us that the scariest thing in the African jungle is the white guy with a gun.


Do you think every president goes through a awkward first few weeks in office when they’re not sure when’s the right time to ask if aliens are real or not?


hold on a sec and just imagine person A of you otp doing the washing up and then drying their hands by using person B as a personal towel because they happened to be stood near by 



he looks so pleased
"oh look. look at this apple. it me"

horf horf horf



he looks so pleased

"oh look. look at this apple. it me"

horf horf horf

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Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend?
(lyrics & vocals by Isy)

*knock knock*
Do you want to be my boyfriend?
I’d be glad if you agreed!
I never had a friend before,
come out the door,
'cause you're the one I need!
We already are great flatmates, let’s be much more.
I promise I won’t blow you up!
Do you want to be my boyfriend?
You can also be my best friend.

John: I’m with Mary, so go away, Sherlock.

Sherlock: Okay, bye…


*knock knock*

Do you want to be my boyfriend?
I swear this isn’t for a case!
I think some company is overdue,
I’ve started talking to
The skull and all the plates!
(hang in there, Billy!)
It gets a little lonely,
In the Baker Street rooms,
Just watching the hours tick by-
(Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock)


*knock knock*

Please, I know you’re in there.
I am single once again.
I’ve changed my mind, about me and you,
I’m right out here for you, just let me in.
We always had each other,
Now again it’s you and me,
What are we gonna do?

I really want to be your boyfriend.
I hope you still want to be my boyfriend.

Marry me.

Sure thing. Date, venue, music, food, guests - is everything organised?